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Targeted Leadz: The LinkedIn Experts

Targeted Leadz is a B2B marketing company specialising in lead generation services.

LinkedIn Experts, Zoe Kennedy and Steve Peck, have made it their mission to share with businesses like yours the most successful way to generate highly specific, qualified leads – all through LinkedIn.

The time and money Zoe & Steve have spent on developing their selves, as well as their own personal experiences of successfully using LinkedIn to generate incredible levels of sales, led them to start helping others to do the same.

So how did they get to where they are today? Well, it wasn’t straightforward...

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The Profit Leadz System

Whatever industry you’re in and whatever size your business, The Profit Leadz System  is going to change the way you work forever – giving you access to high-quality, relevant and consistent B2B leads that are completely unique to your business and your industry.

Many of the people we work with were bewildered by the sheer volume of information about LinkedIn marketing out there, so we created this programme to make life simple for them.

Learn the Secrets to Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Techniques to Take Your Results to the Next Level…

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Targeted Leadz zoe kennedy guide to growing your business book

The Expert Guide To Growing Your Business

Zoe Kennedy's new book, Go Big or Go Home, will be OUT SOON. You will discover the exact process she uses and advocates to drive targeted leads in your business. To be notified when the book is available, please leave your details below.