How To Get Targeted Leads

That’s right – 713 targeted leads in 90 days!

My client is a large offsite manufacturer and turnkey main contractor based in the Netherlands.

They are a large outfit, founded in 1929 and have completed thousands of projects in multi-sectors across Europe.

They wanted to promote their new residential building solution to the UK market – which is a very new market for them.

There is a high demand for residential buildings as evidenced by the UK housing shortage so this would give them lots of opportunities to promote their brand, raise their profile and identify the right opportunities for their products and services.

As with any marketing exercise, understanding your client’s target audience is pivotal to success. So before doing anything, a Customer Persona was created to clearly define their ideal customer. In brief, this included investors, financiers, developers, housing associations and construction companies.

From May to Aug 2017, Targeted Leadz activities resulted in:-

  • 713 targeted leads (these are leads that matching their clearly defined Customer Persona and that’s why they are targeted)
  • 237 warm leads (so out of the 713 targeted leads, 237 made contact)
  • 58 positive responses to further contact (within these 237 ‘warm’ leads, 58 replied to a further message)
  • 38 active with ongoing dialogue (and out of these 58 positive responses, 38 are showing strong interest)
  • 17 potential customers with live projects (out of the 38 who are showing a strong interest, 17 have financed projects with planing approval)
  • 4 people wish to visit the factory in the Netherlands (4 people want to see the production, meet the team, and discuss their requirements in more detail)

When you know your target audience by clearly defining your Customer Persona this is how you will achieve results like 713 targeted leads with 17 potential customers in 90 days!

So, STEP 1 of any marketing activity is creating your Customer Persona. Whether you sell to other businesses (B2B) or direct to the customer (B2C), knowing your target audience is what will get you high quality results.  So, before you start any advertising / marketing campaigns you should be 100% clear on WHO your ideal customer is. This includes information like your customer demographics in terms of age, gender, location, occupation, job title, your customers likes and dislikes and your customers aspirations and challenges. The more specific you can get here the better results you will get. It is quite common to have more than one target audience so you may have to create multiple Customer Personas.

If you having any questions or need any help creating your Customer Persona please leave a message in the comments box below. Alternatively you can send a message via our Contact Form.


  1. Jeremiah Steventon on 12th September 2018 at 1:06 pm

    Can I achieve these targets? I own my business

    • Zoe Kennedy on 22nd October 2018 at 2:01 pm

      Generating highly targeted leads like this is achievable. But what good is a lead unless they have a genuine interest in your business, have an actual requirement for your products and services and want you to follow up with them? So generating targeted leads is the easy bit, qualifying your leads to find out if they actually have a need for your products and services is the tricky bit and converting your qualified leads into actual customers well this totally depends on your buying cycle. It differs from business to business. If you know your conversion rates from enquiry to quotation and quotation to order then that might help assess the value of this service and indeed any marketing activity you do. But the buying cycle of your customer is dependent upon the price of your products and services, the industry you are serving and the purchasing power of your target audience. For example in construction a buying cycle of 18 months is very common. It’s hard to quantify results in terms of actual business but in terms of generating actual leads these numbers are very achievable. Hope that helps!

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