Getting Targeted Leads from LinkedIn

While there are countless social media sites out there, LinkedIn has always been promoted as the professional platform – but do you use it to its best advantage?

Don’t worry if you don’t, you are not alone.  We see so many businesses out there that struggle to make the most of it – but here are eight compelling reasons why LinkedIn can help you grow your business, increase your sales and improve your profits.

1. Your customers and potential customers are using it.

The fact is, if you sell to other businesses and LinkedIn is not part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on business – whether it be repeat business or new business! Long gone are the days when your potential customers will flick through the phone book to find a product or service provider. In fact, you want them to know about your business before they even realise they need your products or services! So being active on the single biggest platform for B2B leads is the best way to win new business, and keep in touch with existing customers so they don’t get swayed by the competition! With over 500 million registered users on LinkedIn, your customers and potential customers will definitely be using it!

2. Your competitors are using it.

As well as all those potential customers being on LinkedIn, don’t forget the competition are going to be using it too! So if your company doesn’t have a business presence on the platform, you’re likely to be losing out on sale after sale, as those customers find your competitors instead. It’s not only about not letting the competition get ahead, either, because with a bit of clever planning you can actually leapfrog over them to make sure you stay ahead. How? Check out your strongest competitors and work out exactly what makes you better than them, then make sure your messages on your LinkedIn profile and company page specifically outline how and why you’re head and shoulders above the rest.

3. You can grow your network.

Of course, LinkedIn is first and foremost a platform for business networking, but how many business owners simply set up their own profile and just leave it to stagnate? By having an up-to-date personal profile and in some cases a company page, you’ll find it much easier to expand your network to potential customers, suppliers, and partners. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you have a presence on LinkedIn you’re growing your network in the most profitable and successful way – make your LinkedIn activity an integral part of your overall marketing strategy, and you’ll find that your own business will grow much faster and be much more profitable!

4. You’ll build your reputation.

There’s so much more to making sales than, well, selling – and one of the most important ways to grow your business’s reputation is by becoming known as an expert or the “go-to” person in your field. Though it may take time, by demonstrating your knowledge and your expertise in relevant groups, and by sharing valuable content (both your own and that of others), you’ll stay at the forefront of people’s minds. That means when they’re looking for a business in your industry, they’re more likely to turn to you as they’ll see you as a trusted influencer. Being known as an influencer in your industry is quite simply one of the best ways for you to establish your business in the marketplace and get ahead of your competition.

5. You can use LinkedIn to generate valuable leads…

…if it’s done correctly! We’ve already touched on a few of the ways that LinkedIn is valuable for bringing in leads and making sales – things like establishing your credibility through expertise, growing your network, and staying ahead of the competition. It might be fairly easy to generate leads on LinkedIn, but where it becomes trickier is generating leads that are actually targeted to your specific business, and therefore valuable. That’s where a complete LinkedIn strategy comes in – because after all, what is your business without sales, and how can you get sales without valuable leads? Therefore, you need to create targeted messaging campaigns using LinkedIn so you can begin lead qualification and identify if your leads actually have a requirement for your products and/oras services.

6. Improving your business’s reach.

As you will know ranking highly in search engine results helps boost your inbound traffic and LinkedIn is a search engine and is no different. There are so many variables and algorithms that make up your ranking – including posts and company pages, but did you know that LinkedIn content also ranks highly in Google search engine results? That means by keeping your pages regularly updated, as well as posting regular and relevant content, you can dramatically improve your overall online presence and therefore your sales success. As long as you properly optimise your personal profile and your company page if you have one, as well as ensuring everything you share is relevant, engaging, and high-quality, you’ll be sure to notice an increase in traffic to your website and interest in your business.

7. You’ll be able to recruit the right people.

Using LinkedIn for recruitment makes a lot of sense, so if it’s not already part of your overall recruitment strategy, why not? Not only does LinkedIn let you find candidates through actively advertising and posting jobs, you can use the platform to search for, narrow down, and contact the most relevant people for each individual role, as well as asking peers and industry contacts for recommendations for the right people for the job. Being able to examine potential candidates’ profiles, as well as getting personal recommendations, means you’re more likely to have a successful hire – and the better your employees are, the better your customers’ experience will be. Remember,  “happy employees make for happy customers”, and happy customers mean repeat business, more sales, and higher profits!

8. You’ll find the most up-to-date industry news.

As already mentioned sharing your own content and that of others is how you’ll be recognised as an expert in your field, but it’s also incredibly valuable for keeping up-to-date with everything that’s happening in your industry. It’s so important to have your finger on your industry’s pulse for a number of reasons, not least that it can give you a significant advantage in the business sphere, and LinkedIn is ideal for ensuring just that. Follow LinkedIn channels and influencers that are relevant to your industry, join groups for people in your industry, follow competitors as well as new businesses in the industry, and you’ll certainly have an advantage when it comes to your own business.

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