Know Your Customer

The Importance Of Knowing Your Customer

I talk about this a lot because it is fundamental to any successful marketing campaign and lead generation activity that you really know your customer.

If you don’t know who you are looking for, how can you generate high quality leads for your business?

So whatever industry you are in, whatever products and services you sell, before you undertake any marketing activity at all – make sure you get clear on who your target customer is by defining your Customer Persona.

Understanding your customer allows you to create marketing messages that resonate with your ideal customer, and give you the success you want in your marketing campaigns.

If you don’t create marketing messages that resonate with your target audience then you might as well set fire to all the money you invest in running your ad campaigns because you are not going to get the results and generate the leads that you want to.

The Marketing Message

Not creating marketing messages that resonate with their customers, is the reason most marketing fails. What many businesses do is keep an open shop window by trying to be something to everyone. So they create very broad and non-specific messages so they can appeal to everyone. But the problem is you can’t be something to everyone! And when your marketing message is too broad and non-specific people will go elsewhere and find another business that is more specific to their needs.

That being said, it is OK to have an open shop window on your website because you might have more than one target audience. So if you do have more than one target customer, and most businesses do, you might have a neutral home page, but then have your different target customers in website headings like ‘Sectors’ or ‘Solutions’. In here you might create more specific messages to your different target customer groups.

But if you are doing any form of marketing campaign or lead generation activity make sure your marketing message speaks directly to a specific target group.

Target Groups

My company can help ALL businesses that sell B2B so that’s very broad and if I targeted everyone with the same message it just wouldn’t resonate with people. So if I wanted to target business owners who work in construction, for example, I would create a campaign specifically for this target group identifying their customer demographics such as age, gender, location, occupation, job title etc, and more importantly their likes, their dislikes, their aspirations and their problems.

You see, the more you understand about your target customer the more powerful your marketing messages become. For example, I know my target customers in construction have an extremely long buying cycle and therefore are quite prone to cash flow problems within their business. So, if I can create a message that identifies this problem and offers them a solution to this it, then they are more likely to want to engage with me because I’ve created a message that resonates with them specifically.

The Road To Success

So, if you have more than one target customer then you need to create multiple marketing messages reaching out to your different target groups.  The same one for all is a BIG No!

Once you’ve clearly defined your customer or customers by creating your Customer Persona for each target customer group you will then be on the road to success with your marketing and lead generation activities.

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