LinkedIn Action Plan

Please note this action plan is based on you completing the following steps of The Profit Leadz System:-

1) Know who your target audiences are so you can identify them on LinkedIn through keywords and keyword phrases.

2) Have an optimised LinkedIn profile so you can engage your target audiences.

3) Create a multi-touch point messaging campaign to begin lead qualification so you can find out if they are interested in your business and want you to follow-up with them.

If you do not have these 3 steps in place please get in touch today by emailing the Team at [email protected] 

Daily Check Your Connection Requests 5 Mins
Check Birthdays & Work Anniversary's & Message 5 Mins
Send 5 Connection Requests (Invitations) 5 Mins
Check Your LinkedIn Messaging Inbox 5 Mins
Share A Peice Of Content 5 Mins
Weekly Join A New Group 5 Mins
Comment On 3 Of Your Connection's Posts 10 Mins
Submit Content To LinkedIn 30 Mins
Use Boolean Search To Identify 10 Potential Customers 10 Mins
Send Messages To Your New Connections (Multi-Touch Point Campaign) 10 Mins
Monthly Post A LinkedIn Article 60 Mins
Ask & Give A Recommendation 20 Mins
Give 3 Endorsements 5 Mins
Seasonal Create Messaging Campaign For Valentines Day, Christmas, 25th Anniversary Etc. Etc. 90 Mins
Ad Hoc Export & Keep Track Of Your New Connections 20 Mins
Check & Update Your LinkedIn Profile 10 Mins
Create Native Video Based On Experience Or Learnings 10 Mins