What People Say About Zoe & Steve At Targeted Leadz...

"Targeted Leadz revolutionised the way
find clients online"

Ben Shinkins
Director at Specialist Engineering Services
Business: Civil Engineering Company
Service: LinkedIn Campaign Management (on-going)

"Connected with 1000 or more PA's for each of the branches... As a result of that we have got many more corporate bookings"

Cristal Ho
Master Franchisee for Australia & New Zealand
Escape Hunt

"We are absolutely thrilled with the work Targeted Leadz has done for us and I recommend their services to identify key decision makers"

Martin Scott
Owner and Director at Silesia Grill Systems
Business: Catering Supplier
Service: LinkedIn Campaign Management (3 Months)

"Zoe is thorough, professional, timely in her responses and answered all my questions... She created a slick profile"

Ellie La Crosse
Owner at Maison Frais
Business: Multi-faceted Construction Company
Service: LinkedIn Profile Makeover

"If you want someone who knows exactly what they are doing, Zoe is your person"

Matt Bacak
Serial Entrepreneur & Internet Marketer
Business: Multi internet businesses
Service: LinkedIn Profile Makeover

"Zoe's ability to market on Linkedin is paramount to our success"

Phil Cuthbert
Director at Client Profits
Business: Construction Consultancy
Service: LinkedIn Campaign Management (on-going)

"When I saw Targeted Leadz could generate 360 leads in 90 days, it was a no-brainer"

Jayne Cunningham
Marketing Director at Modular Airspace Systems
Business: Construction Company
Service: LinkedIn Campaign Management (3 Months)

"Steve gave some compelling and easy to implement ways to jump start my LinkedIn strategy"

Andy Birol
Birol Growth Consulting

"Targeted Leadz exceeded their promise to deliver 360 leads in 90 days with almost 450 leads"

Kevin O'Malley
Executive Vice President at Genistar
Business: Financial Education & Distribution Company
Service: LinkedIn Campaign Management (3 Months)

"I walked away with so much knowledge... I know I'm going to get so much business from it"

Collin Stover

"Zoe totally gets marketing and lead generation"

Ted Prodromou
America’s #1 LinkedIn Coach