Are You...

Passionate about your B2B business but struggling to understand which online marketing strategies to use to get you in front of the right clients?

Looking for effective tools and techniques that aren’t just the same tired and outdated strategies you’ve seen over and over again?

Excited about the possibility of building your online presence, getting targeted leads and converting those leads into happy paying customers?

Whatever industry you’re in and whatever size your business, The Profit Leadz System is going to change the way you work forever – giving you access to high-quality, relevant and consistent B2B leads that are completely unique to your business and your industry.
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"Targeted Leadz revolutionised the way
find clients online"

Ben Shinkins
Specialist Engineering Services
[Civil Engineering Company]
Zoe Kennedy LinkedIn Guru main

My name is Zoe Kennedy

I’m a LinkedIn Expert and the owner of Targeted Leadz, a B2B marketing company specialising in lead generation services.

I'm a Certified Coach for Ted Prodromou, America’s #1 LinkedIn Coach.

Linked Accelerator

I believe that mistakes and failures in business contribute to its ultimate success. Having run my own business since 2011, I’ve encountered a number of problems and have made my share of mistakes.


There are too many unscrupulous people out there making a profit from the uncertainty, naivety and inexperience of others and I wanted to create a business that did what it said on the tin and solve the problems I went through.


As a fully qualified LinkedIn expert who has used LinkedIn to tap into millions of pounds worth of projects, Targeted Leadz was created to provide the ultimate lead generation service so you can concentrate on what's important - running your business and making it successful!


I am delighted to be able to share my knowledge and experience with business owners like you.

Introducing The Profit Leadz System

When you sign up here's what you'll benefit from...

A clearly defined customer persona

A fully optimised LinkedIn profile

A LinkedIn presence that grows once you start adding high quality targeted leads to your network

A campaign that engages with your targeted leads to qualify them as having a potential requirement for your product or service

An increased reputation as an expert in your field whilst building top of mind awareness by keeping in front of your new leads

Implementing The Profit Leadz System

We will apply Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Techniques that will Take Your Business to the Next Level because...

You’ll know your ideal customer, making it easier to engage and interact with them

Your customers will actually come to you rather than you going to them, completely changing the selling/negotiation dynamic

You’ll be able to start picking and choosing your customers

Your business will be far more efficient from having a marketing funnel in place

LinkedIn offers a higher quality customer base specific to your needs and industry

You can grow your business by increasing your sales and you’ll be reducing your costs by focusing your efforts and results on LinkedIn

"Zoe's ability to market on Linkedin is paramount to our success"

Phil Cuthbert
Owner and Director
Client Profits
[Construction Consultancy]

"If you want someone who knows exactly what they are doing, Zoe is your person"

Matt Bacak
Serial Entrepreneur & Internet Marketer
[Financial Education & Distribution Company]

Here's What You Need To Do....

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STEP 2: 

Book a time with us for a complimentary strategy session.

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My name is Steve Peck

I’m a Marketing Consultant and the co-creator of The Profit Leadz System, a proven system to generate high quality leads for your business and turn those leads into profitable customers.

I'm also a Certified Coach for Ted Prodromou, America’s #1 LinkedIn Coach.

Linked Accelerator

I have been solving complex business problems for over 30 years now and what I've learnt is that simple is better and less is more.


What impressed me about Targeted Leadz was the simplicity to achieving success. This resonated with me massively because recently I transformed a struggling 50 Million dollar manufacturer into an international 270 Million dollar powerhouse. I also helped build the infrastructure to support the growth and simplicity was the key driver for success here.


I focus on Business & Marketing Strategy to help my clients find their business sweet spot and I'm very pleased to be sharing with business owners like you the 5 simple marketing steps, in The Profit Leadz System, to lead generation success!

If The Profit Leadz System is the right choice for your business... all you need to do next is choose the right programme for you…

The Profit Leadz System is available as two ‘Done For You’ services (either a three month or six month intensive programme) and you can decide exactly which option suits you best.

Just to be clear both programmes guarantee 360 targeted leads in just 90 days!

Targeted-Leadz-Logo-Final-WhiteDone For You:
3 Month Programme

We’ll create your customer persona and you’ll be able to understand your target audience in line with LinkedIn's search options

Your LinkedIn profile will have a complete makeover and you’ll start to build your online presence to engage with your target audience

We’ll create targeted searches to grow your network. We’ll also look at LinkedIn groups, and join relevant groups to expand your search reach and keep yourself in front of your leads

We’ll create a campaign for you, a campaign that will engage your new leads and start building profitable relationships from them

We’ll build top of mind awareness by keeping you in front of your leads whilst increasing your authority as the go to person in your field

Targeted-Leadz-Logo-Final-WhiteDone For You:
6 Month Programme

So we’ll do everything as in the 3 month programme, plus more!

We’ll carry on increasing your lead intake and take them through your fully optimised campaign

We’ll introduce new lead strategies to engage with your target audience through group discussions and status updates

We’ll increase top of mind awareness and build your authority through content creation

Working with us over a longer period of time we’ll be able to assess even more thoroughly what’s working and what’s not and amend accordingly

Look at your overall marketing and sales funnel to manage your pipeline like a pro

What Are You Waiting For?

"When I saw Targeted Leadz could generate 360 leads in 90 days, it was a no-brainer"

Jayne Cunningham
Marketing Director
Modular Airspace Systems
 [Construction Company in Hampshire]

"Targeted Leadz exceeded their promise to deliver 360 leads in 90 days with almost 450 leads"

Kevin O'Malley
Executive Vice President
[Financial Education & Distribution Company]

When you sign up for The Profit Leadz System, you can be assured that all of this is in your not too distant future:

You’ll be in control (REALLY in control) of your business

You’ll actually SEE your business growing before your eyes

You’ll be getting in front of millions of potential clients

You’ll be building your professional reputation at minimal cost

You’ll be generating only the highest quality LinkedIn leads

You’ll be driving traffic to your website landing page, lead magnets, and videos

You’ll be converting highly targeted leads into customers and revenue

"We are absolutely thrilled with the work Targeted Leadz has done for us and I recommend their services to identify key decision makers"

Martin Scott
Owner and Director
Silesia Grill Systems
[Catering Supplier]

"Zoe totally gets marketing and lead generation"

Ted Prodromou
America’s #1 LinkedIn Coach

We are SO Confident in The Profit Leadz System That we are Offering You a Completely Free, No Obligation Strategy Session!

That’s right, Zoe or Steve, will get together with you on a call and discuss you and your business and how The Profit Leadz System can help. Then if you decide it’s not for you, there’s no obligation at all for you to sign up.




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If your B2B business is struggling to get high-quality leads and convert leads into paying customers, it could be because of a weakness in your existing marketing process. Why don’t we have a quick chat, to see if we can identify any weaknesses?

Speak to you soon,

Zoe Kennedy and Steve Peck
Co-Creators of The Profit Leadz System
Targeted Leadz